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* Membership and Terms of Reference of the Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund Advisory Committee

I. Terms of reference


(a) To advise the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation (DAFC) on the overall strategy for funding projects and the relative priorities of applications for funding support under the Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund (Fund).
(b) To make recommendations to DAFC on the following matters relating to the applications for funding support –
  i) the procedures, guidelines and criteria for assessing applications;
  ii) the merits of individual applications, and upon selection of successful applicants, the terms, amount and forms of funding support;
  iii) any subsequent need to change the terms, amount and forms of support to a project in view of any material variation of or modification to the project;
  iv) compliance of funded projects with the terms of support and their effectiveness in achieving stated objectives; and
  v) follow-up actions in respect of any non-compliance, non-performance or default in meeting pre-determined performance indicators in relation to a funded project.
(c) To establish vetting committee/subcommittees for vetting applications, or for other purposes related to the Fund, as it deems fit.
(d) To advise on any other matters related to the Fund as referred to it by DAFC.



II. Membership


  Prof. Raymond WONG Sze-chung, MH Visiting Associate Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  Hon Steven HO Chun-yin, BBS Legislative Council Member
  Dr. YAU Wing-kwong, JP Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Association Ltd.
  Mr. Fred LI Wah-ming, SBS, JP Consultant
  Ms. LEE Fu-fan Lawyer
  Mr. James KONG Tze-wing, MH, JP Certified Public Accountant
  Mr. Plato YIP Kwong-to President, Elion International Investment Limited
  Dr. CHEUNG Siu-gin Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong
  Ms. Catherine AU Sin-lun General Manager, Yata Department Store
  Mr. CHEUNG Siu-keung, MH Chairman, Hong Kong Fishermen Consortium
  Mr. KEUNG Siu-fai Assistant to Chairman, Hong Kong Fishery Alliance
  Mr. LEUNG Koon-wah Chairman, Hong Kong Quality Aquaculture Development Association
  Ms. WONG For-kam Chairman, Aberdeen Fisher Women's Association
  Mr. YEUNG Sui-leung Director, YEUNGS Marine Products Ltd.
  Secretary for Food and Health or  
his representative
  Director of Agriculture, Fisheries, and
Conservation or his representative



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Last Review Date : 23 January 2018