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Subventions for Biodiversity Education
Subvention Scheme for Year 2017
Objective of the Subvention

The objective of the subvention is to encourage non-governmental organisations to conduct education programmes that promote biodiversity to the general public, and foster a sense of appreciation for nature.

Programme Theme

Applicants are invited to propose programmes on one of the three programme themes: (1) citizen science; (2) teacher’s capacity building; and (3) urban biodiversity.

Duration of the Programme
The programme should be carried out during July to December 2017.
Funding Limit
The funding cap for each subvented programme is HK$150,000.
Application Invitation Period
7 April to 12 May 2017
Application Form
Application form
Budget of programme
Guide to Application and Conditions of Subvention
Guide to Application
Conditions of Subvention
Briefing on the Subvention Scheme

A briefing on the subvention scheme in 2017 was conducted on 13 April 2017 (Thursday) to introduce the programme themes and the application procedures.

Programme rundown
Presentation slides
Approved Programmes in 2017

In 2017, a total of 14 applications have been approved under the subvention. The recipient organisations include:

Subvented Organisation Programme Title
  1  Environmental Life Science Society, SS, HKUSU     

1-day Field Study Programme on NSS Biology - Exploring the urban ant diversity

  2 Association For Tai O Environment and Development

Fung Shui Forest, Incense Tree and Hakka Village relation to Biodiversity

  3 Green Power Limited

Wetland Exploration – Common Cordgrass Removal Action

  4 Produce Green Foundation

Biodiversity Hunt in Organic Farm

  5 Ecobus

Exploring the unexplored: Micro World Ecology and Biodiversity of Hong Kong

  6 Environment Association Limited

Exploring the Nature 2017

  7 BLOOM Association Hong Kong Limited

114 °E Hong Kong Reef Fish Web-Portal

  8 Footprint

One-day Ecologist

  9 Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong

Geodiversity: base of biodiversity

 10   Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

OPCFHK Step Up for Biodiversity! 2017

 11 Tung Chung Catholic School

Tung Chung Nature Classroom

 12 Tai Tam Tuk Foundation Limited

Hong Kong BioBlitz 2017

 13 Dept. of Science and Environmental Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong

Ecogarden: Experiencing and Experimenting II

 14 Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre

Development of teaching material of arthropod biodiversity and self-learning centre

For details of the subvented programmes, please click here.
For list of subvented programmes in the past, click here.
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Last Review Date : 15 September 2017