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Discover the Beauty of Ting Kok   
[SceneAnimals (Video) and Plants (Video)]

Ting Kok Eco-tours (2018)

AFCD runs free guided tours at Ting Kok.  Our professional ecotour guides lead the public to experience the beauty of coastal environment and know more about mangroves and seashore creatures found along the Ting Kok coast.  Through these guided walks, visitors can learn more about coastal ecology and the proper ways to appreciate natural environment.    

Location Ting Kok Coastal Area
Target : The Public (Organisations)
Fee : Free of Charge











Application Details / Contact Info.: http://www.taipoea.org.hk/tpgeopark/



 Event Information 

Discover the Beauty of Ting Kok   
Scene, Animals (Video) and Plants (Video)]

Ting Kok Coastal Clean-up Activity  (2018)

AFCD is going to organize “Ting Kok Coastal Cleanup” activity in the 2018 academic year.  Through the activity, students will understand more about coastal environment and take practical steps to keep the shoreline of Hong Kong clean.  Apart from the Coastal Cleanup, a guided tour will be arranged to introduce to the participants the geographical and ecological features of Ting Kok.   

Location : Ting Kok Coastal Area
Target : Secondary Students
 Fee :  Free of charge






Application Details / Contact Info.: http://www.taipoea.org.hk/tpgeopark/



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Last Review Date : 31 May 2018