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What are the twenty coral species commonly found in Hong Kong Marine Parks?

Classification of corals?

Description of twenty selected coral species commonly found within Hong Kong Marine Park Areas

Favia maritima (Nemenzo, 1971)

Family: Faviidae
Genera: Favia
Species: maritima
Common name: Moon Coral
Field characteristics: Colonies are massive, and usually small. Corallites are highly exert (raised up from the colony surface), which is a very distinctive feature of this species. Corallites are not closely packed, but usually circular. Colouration can vary from dark to light brown, with a mottled appearance; with distinctive darker brown corallite walls and greenish grey inter-connecting tissues. Polyps extend only at night.
Abundance: Common
Distribution : This coral is commonly recorded in the northeastern waters, records made for eastern waters as well. It can be observed in all three marine parks in the northeast.

Favia maritima Favia maritima
Favia maritima with highly exert corallites.

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Last Review Date : 08 February 2018