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What are the twenty coral species commonly found in Hong Kong Marine Parks?

Classification of corals?

Description of twenty selected coral species commonly found within Hong Kong Marine Park Areas

Porites aranetai (Nemenzo, 1955)

Family: Poritidae
Genera: Porites
Species: aranetai
Common name: Pore or boulder coral
Field characteristics: This species of Porites forms small sub-massive colonies with distinct rounded nodules that can have the appearance of short branch-like growths. Typically having a dark brown colouration with lighter coloured upper nodular growths. Despite the small corallite size of Porites species which can be problematic for species identification in the field, this species has a distinctive growth form and can be recognized underwater. Recorded from shallow, sheltered coral communities.
Abundance: Uncommon
Distribution : A component of one type of coral community (PlatygyraFavia) which is the dominant community type of the northeastern waters of Hong Kong with records also made for similar communities located in the eastern waters.

Porites aranetai Porites aranetai
Porites aranetai

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Last Review Date : 08 February 2018