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What are the twenty coral species commonly found in Hong Kong Marine Parks?

Classification of corals?

Description of twenty selected coral species commonly found within Hong Kong Marine Park Areas

Galaxea fascicularis (Linnaeus, 1767)

Family: Oculinidae
Genera: Galaxea
Species: fascicularis
Common name: Starburst coral, Tooth coral
Field characteristics: Colonies are usually massive and can be encrusting. Its colour ranges from distinct bright green to dull green. Polyps are usually extended during daytime, and the tentacles have conspicuous white tips. Extended feeding mouth parts of the barnacles can sometimes be seen within the Galaxea polyps. Corallites are tubular and have a range of sizes (3-10 mm). This species was formerly not separated from Galaxea astreata which is morphologically similar but has more even and smaller corallites.
Abundance: Rare
Distribution : This species is not too commonly found in Hong Kong but is present in marine parks. In some isolated sites in Sai Kung waters, Galaxea fascicularis could be found growing in large colonies of over 1 m in width.  

Galaxea fascicularis Galaxea fascicularis
Galaxea fascicularis

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Last Review Date : 09 February 2018