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What are the twenty coral species commonly found in Hong Kong Marine Parks?

Classification of corals?

Description of twenty selected coral species commonly found within Hong Kong Marine Park Areas

Pavona decussata (Dana, 1846)

Family: Agariciidae
Genera: Pavona
Species: decussata
Common name: Cactus Coral
Field characteristics: Coral colony consists of upright fronds (plates), forming small individual colonies to large fused continuous beds. The latter, however, is not common, and is only recorded in a few places in Hong Kong. The colour of the colonies ranges from brown to yellowish brown to green. The fronds are bifacial and of various sizes, oriented in different directions. The margins of the fronds are sometimes lobed. Corallites are small, and deeply seated, distributed on both sides of the fronds. Corallites have short white tentacles extending during the day.
Abundance: Abundant
Distribution : This is a common species within Hong Kong, as well as in the NE Marine Parks. Large Pavona beds are recorded in Tung Ping Chau and Hoi Ha Wan Marine Parks and fringing communities in Port Shelter in Sai Kung. These areas are good reef fish habitats as they act as an important refuge for these fish. Fish commonly associated with Pavona beds include Chocolate grouper, Butterfly fish, and Silver Sweeper.

Pavona decussata Pavona decussata
Pavona decussata

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Last Review Date : 09 February 2018