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Pak Fu Tin Campsite
Location: Pak Fu Tin, Lantau South Country Park
Tent space: 5
Accessibility: Strenuous; suitable for experienced hikers and campers
Introduction: It is located at distance post L132 of stage 12 of Lantau Trail. Although a small campsite, it is a cozy area surrounded by woodland and streams of flowing water. Even during hot and sunny weather, it doesn't usually feel hot or stuffy because the region is pleasantly breezy.
Facilities: Barbeque pits, tables, benches, drains and cloth lines.
Hygienic facilities: Dry toilet pits
Source of water: Stream water (seasonal supply)
Highlights: Mui Wo Valley is surrounded by mountain ranges and a wok-shape flatland. There are five villages dotted on the valley like five-petal plum blossom.
Country trails: Lantau Trail stage 12 and Pak Fu Tin Orienteering Trim Course.
How to get there: From Tung Chung town centre, take Bus 3M or any bus past Nam Shan. Get off at Nam Shan stop that beside a barbeque site. Go up the trail inside the site for about half an hour to reach the campsite. Or from Mui Wo, follow the signposts toward Nam Shan Barbeque site. It takes an hour to walk to the site.


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Last Review Date : 20 December 2017