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Cheung Sheung Campsite
Campsites No.: 8
Location: Cheung Sheung, Sai Kung West Country Park
Tent space: 10
Accessibility: Difficult; Suitable for experienced hikers and campers.
Introduction: This gem of a site is remote, situated on Cheung Sheung Plateau. This being said, the terrain of camp area is flat and surrounded by shrubs as well. A running stream passes through and from the grassy banks you have the best view of Shek Uk Shan, the highest mountain in Sai Kung. Nearby, there is a food store managed by a local resident. The mystical quality of the campsite makes it a popular retreat.
Facilities: barbeque pits, benches and tables
Hygienic facilities: outhouse
Source of water: Stream water (seasonal supply)
Highlights: Cheung Sheung Plateau - There were numerous villages with schools during the peak era in 1950-60s. Since the Hong Kong economy developed in 1970s, many villagers moved out to town. Now, there is only one store open on holidays and it remains part of the school recreational facilities outside the door. Owing to its widespread track, it is one of an ideal site for training trekking skills.
Country trails: Cheung Sheung Country Trail and Stage three of MacLehose Trail.
How to get there: Take Minibus 7 from Sai Kung Town (Hoi Ha) and get off at Cheung Sheung Country Trail starting point. Follow the country trail and signpost, it takes an hour to reach the campsite.


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Last Review Date : 27 August 2013