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Tuen Mun Fitness Trail
Location: Tuen Mun, Tai Lam Country Park

The trail is about 3.1 km in length. Through Hoh Fuk Tong at Tuen Mun, the trail starts at the end of the catchwater road along Stage 10 of MacLehose Trail and ends at So Kwun Wat. This trail features 14 exercise stops and 2 fitness equipments with gentle slopes and the difficulty level is low. The facilities at the exercise stops include a warm up area, a tendon stretch pole, a push-up stand, a lateral jump stand, a chin-up bar, a fitness complex, a jump touch pole, a stump walk, legs lift bars, a sit up bench, a horizontal ladder, a hurdle stretch stand and a balance beam. The fitness equipments include a push hands and a joint exerciser.

How to get there: Take Light Rail 614 or bus no. 60M, 60X, 61X, 62X or 961 to Hoh Fuk Tong / Pui To Light Rail Station. Make your way uphill along Stage 10 of MacLehose Trail.



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Last Review Date : 11 November 2013