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Hoi Ha Wan Marine Parks (since 1996)


Aegicera corniculatum

Of 8 species of true mangroves recorded in Hong Kong, 6 species can be found in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. The best mangrove community is located at the main estuarine of Hoi Ha Wan of about 0.53 hectares of area. Five true mangrove species including Kandelia obovata, Aegicera corniculatum, Excoecaria agallocha, Avicennia marina and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza are recorded in this area. While another species of true mangrove, Lumnitzera racemosa was also recorded in other coastal site within Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. Mangrove areas commonly act as nursery grounds for juvenile fishes and other intertidal and subtidal invertebrates.

Coral communities

Favia sp.

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park has lush coral communities and it is one of the best coral sites in Hong Kong. 64 out of 84 stony coral species recorded in Hong Kong can be found in this marine park. Some species of stony corals common here include Favites flexuosa, Goniopora columna, Leptastrea purpurea, Lithophyllon undulatum, Pavona decussata. and Platygyra acuta. Some of the best coral sites in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park even recorded with over 50 species of stony corals.

Other marine lives

Chaetodon wiebeli

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park has rich diversity of marine lives. Some research studies showed that this Marine Park has more than 120 species of coral associated fishes. Additional marine fish species is expected to be recorded in this marine parks in future surveys. Moreover, diverse marine invertebrates such as Mastigias papua (jellyfish), Sigmadocia symbiotica (sponges), Antipatharian sp. (black coral), Cypraea arabica (cowries), Protula magnifica (tubeworm), Atergatis reticulatus (crab), Salmacis sphaeroides (sea urchin), Colochirus quadrangularis (sea cucumber), etc are recorded in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park.

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Last Review Date : 11 July 2017