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Tung Ping Chau Marine Parks (since 2001)

Stony coral

Platygyra sp.

Apart from Hoi Ha Wan, Tung Ping Chau Marine Park is another marine park having the best coverage and diversity of stony coral in Hong Kong. Of 84 species of stony coral recorded in Hong Kong, 65 species could be found in Tung Ping Chau Marine Park. Meanwhile, over 40 species of stony corals are recorded in both core areas (Tai Tong Wan and A Ma Wan bays) of Tung Ping Chau Marine Park where more restricted measures are applied to conserve this high ecological value stony corals. Moreover, the co-dominant stony coral species of both core areas include Platygyra acuta, Platygyra carnosus and Leptastrea purpurea.

Other marine lives

Caulerpa racemosa

Tung Ping Chau Marine Park has a biologically diverse marine ecosystem. Besides stony corals, over 130 reef-associated fishes and more than 200 species of marine invertebrates are found in the Marine Park. Meanwhile, Tung Ping Chau Marine Parks also records rich in diversity of seaweed. Over 65 species of marine algae could be found in Tung Ping Chau Marine Park. Along the coast of Lung Lok Shui, it is dominated by brown, red and green algal bed which are considered as the best algal beds in Hong Kong

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Last Review Date : 11 July 2017