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Visitors must know before going to marine parks

Marine Parks in Hong Kong are freely accessed by the visitors to appreciate the prestige marine environment and the diverse marine lives. Visitors must follow the Marine Parks and Marine Reserve Regulations in order to preserve the best condition of the environment for marine lives. A summary of the prohibited activities inside the marine parks and marine reserve is listed below:

  • Unauthorized fishing, hunting, collecting or possessing any wild animals or plants, or their parts
  • Disturbing the eggs, juvenile or the nesting sites of any protected marine species
  • Possession of trawl net, spear gun, explosives, chemicals or devices using electric charge used for fishing
  • Water skiing, jet skiing or water scootering
  • Operating vessels exceeding the speed of 10 knots
  • Damaging any shoreline features on a beach, mudflat, cliff or seabed
  • Damaging notices, markers or other installations.
  • Obstructing waterways, polluting water body or littering
  • Unauthorized commercial activities, group activities, mooring and anchoring.
  • Conducting any mariculture operation.

In addition, swimming, diving and boating are prohibited in marine reserve.

Contravention may lead to a fine of $ 25,000 and one year imprisonment.

The sandy beaches within Marine Parks are not gazetted public beaches, no lifeguard is on duty. The seabed may be uneven and with sudden drop. Due attention on safety must be paid when conducting sea activities.

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Last Review Date : 11 July 2017