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  1. Any person who bring into, is in possession of or rides a bicycle at mountain bike trail/site of a country park shall possess and carry a valid permit ;
  2. The permittee shall be allowed to ride a bicycle at a place, track or path designated by the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation ;
  3. Any permittee under 18 years old shall be allowed to ride a bicycle only if he (she) is accompanied by an adult ;
  4. The permittee shall put on safety helmet and other safety accessories.  For details, please refer to the “Necessary Safety Equipment for Cycling” ;
  5. Mountain bike trail/site is only suitable for use in day time, please “DO NOT” ride on mountain bike trail/site after dark;
  6. The permittee shall stop his (her) bicycle and give way to the hikers on narrow and steep trails ;
  7. The permitee shall observe the country code :
    • Do not destroy by fire or vandalism ;
    • Do not litter ;
    • Do not pollute water catchment areas, water courses and reservoirs ;
    • Do not destroy vegetation and wildlife ;
    • Do not damage crops, respect villagers' property ;
    • Respect the countryside.
  8. The permittee shall be allowed to ride at designated mountain bike trails. Any person (with or without a permit) who brings bicycle into trail or area not designated for mountain biking activity may be prosecuted.

Radio Commercials - Safety Code for Mountain Biking in Country Parks

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Last Review Date : 17 September 2014