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Country Parks Tree Walks

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) launched the "Country Parks Tree Walks" mobile application to promote tree conservation in Hong Kong country parks. The application features 96 tree species planted along the 16 Tree Walks in country parks with photos and text descriptions. A transportation guide to the Tree Walks is also provided. Besides the online Google map function that displays the location of the users in real time, users can tour a tree walk using the offline maps. The Augmented Reality (AR) mode incorporated in the application enables users to locate the tree species. Simply input a tree name or select a month, users can easily find the tree species currently in the flowering period with its location in the Tree Walks.

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iPad - The videos and AR mode in this mobile application do not support IOS7.


Enjoy Hiking

"Enjoy Hiking" mobile application was awarded as one of the 10 winners of "2011 Healthy Mobile Phone / Tablet Apps" organized by Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority.

Hong Kong, despite being so small, has some of South China’s most striking and valuable natural landscapes. This unique system, with its countless routes, lies very close to the city: one is never far away from natural settings and beguiling trails. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has launched its app to showcase various hiking trails in Hong Kong. You can select suitable route with reference to your interest, physical fitness and experience to enjoy hiking in the countryside of Hong Kong.

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Last Review Date : 17 January 2017