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Updated conditions of country parks and HKUGGp facilities after Super Typhoon Mangkhut (Updated on 19 October 2018)

After the typhoon, AFCD has been clearing fallen trees, repairing damaged facilities and inspecting various areas in full strength with a view to reopening those facilities to the public as soon as possible.


At present, all forest tracks in country parks are reopened for use by the public and vehicles for official purpose. Major recreational sites, including picnic sites and barbeque sites, are mostly reopened. Reopened designated campsites in country parks are as follow:



Reopened Designated Campsites

Sai Kung

Wan Tsai South Campsite

Wan Tsai West Campsite

Tai Mong Tsai Campsite *

Pak Lap Campsite

Pak Tam Au Campsite

Hau Tong Kai Campsite

Sai Wan Campsite

Po Kwu Wan Campsite

Nam Fung Wan Campsite

Tai Tan Campsite

Yee Ting Campsite

Ham Tin Wan Campsite

Shui Long Wo Campsite

Wong Shek Campsite

North New Territories

Chung Pui Campsite

Hak Tau Campsite

Central New Territories

Lead Mine Pass Campsite

West New Territories

Ho Pui Campsite

Twisk Campsite

Rotary Club Campsite

Lantau Island and Outlying Islands

Shek Pik Campsite

Nam Shan Campsite

Ngong Ping Campsite (Lantau)

Pak Fu Tin Campsite

Shap Long Campsite

Kau Ling Chung Campsite

Nga Ying Kok Campsite

Man Cheung Po Campsite

Tung Lung Chau Campsite

* Tai Mong Tsai Campsite will be temporarily closed for facility maintenance from 15 October 2018


Regarding trails, all sections of MacLehose Trail and Hong Kong Trail are reopened while some hiking trails in country parks as well as the nature trail at Ma Shi Chau in HKUGGp are still blocked by fallen trees. For the sake of safety, members of the public are advised to refrain from entering temporarily closed areas and those areas affected by fallen trees and landslides. Reopened hiking trails in country parks are as follow:



Reopened Hiking Trails

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Trail (all sections)

All Country Trail, Family Walk and Nature Trail within country parks on Hong Kong Island

Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail

Sai Kung

MacLehose Trail – Sections 1 to 4

All Country Trail (except Pak Tam Country Trail), Family Walk, Nature Trail and Geo Trail within country parks in Sai Kung

North New Territories

Hok Tau Country Trail

Hok Tau Reservoir Family Walk

Tai Mei Tuk Family Walk

Lai Chi Wo Nature Trail

Tai Po Kau Nature Trail

Central New Territories

MacLehose Trail – Sections 4 to 7

Wilson Trail – Sections 4 to 6

Ma On Shan Country Trail

High Junk Peak Country Trail

Kam Shan Family Walk

Ma On Shan Family Walk

Hung Mui Kuk Nature Trail

Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail

Pineapple Dam Nature Trail

War Relics Trail (Lion Rock & Ma On Shan)

War Relics Trail (Shing Mun)

West New Territories

MacLehose Trail – Sections 8 to 10

Tai Lam Chung Country Trail

Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail Country Trail

Ho Pui Reservoir Family Walk

Chuen Lung Family Walk

Tai Mo Shan Family Walk

Tai Tong Nature Trail

Tai Lam Nature Trail

Rotary Park Nature Trail

Lantau Island and Outlying Islands

Lantau Trail (except Section 9)

South Lantau Country Trail

Chi Ma Wan Country Trail (except Lo Yan Shan section)

Lo Fu Tau Country Trail

Wong Lung Hang Country Trail

Fan Lau Country Trail

Nei Lak Shan Country Trail

Tei Tong Tsai Country Trail

Country park and HKUGGp visitors may make reference to the information above to plan their trips, remain vigilant of their own safety and pay attention to notices on site.


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Last Review Date : 19 October 2018