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The Government has launched the e-Form project to provide the public with greater convenience in electronic submissions to the Government. Apart from downloading conventional forms and submitting them in paper form, you may now choose to download the electronic form which facilitates you to fill-in and submit Government forms electronically. Please visit www.digital21.gov.hk/eform/english/about_e_form_01.html to obtain more information about the "e-Form".

E-formElectronic Forms (e-Form) that can be installed in a Windows 98/NT 4.0 PC for off-line completion. To operate the following e-Form you have to download and install the e-Form core program which is available at www.digital21.gov.hk/eform/english/about_e_form_01.html Please note that recognised digital certificate will be required for completion of the e-Form listed below. Submission of the completed e-Form can be sent as attachment to e-mail to the relevant e-mail accounts.

Electronic Forms Available :

Form No. Form Title E-form E-mail Address
AF 304 Import Permit (Breeding Pigs from Mainland China) E-formpermit@afcd.gov.hk
AF 303 Import Permit (Animal Product) E-formpermit@afcd.gov.hk
AF 301 Import Permit (Mammals except pigs, cattle andGoats from Mainland China) E-formpermit@afcd.gov.hk

Notes: For other application forms, please access the " Permit and Licence" Folder.

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Last Revision Date : 25 January 2013