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Financial assistance

Fish Marketing Organization Loan Fund

A fund established by the Fish Marketing Organization in 1946 primarily for making short-term loans to fishermen to meet their operational needs.



Loan may be granted for :

  1. the repair or replacement of fishing vessels, gear and equipment, including engines and navigational and electronic aids;

  2. any other approved purpose which will sustain or improve the applicant's fishing business; and

  3. assisting fishermen to meet their need over the annual fishing moratorium and to make preparations for resumption of fishing after the moratorium.

Qualifications of Applicant


Applicant must be a member of a registered fishermen's co-operative society or a registered fishing company; or a local fisherman who:

  1. holds a valid fishing vessel licence issued by the Marine Department;

  2. is a bona fide fisherman;

  3. markets or intends to market his catches through the Fish Marketing Organization; and

  4. fulfills other requirements as specified by the Organization.

Application Form (Normal Loans) - Chinese only

Application Form (Fishing Moratorium Special Loans) - Chinese only


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Last Review Date : 21 July 2017