Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department



Advisory / Statutory Boards & Committees

Certain advisory bodies provide advice to the department and a number of independent statutory boards and committees discharge their respective statutory functions on a wide spectrum of affairs. They are:

Advisory Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries

Agricultural Products Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee

Animal Welfare Advisory Group

Country and Marine Parks Board

Endangered Species Advisory Committee

Fish Marketing Advisory Board

Fisheries Development Loan Fund Advisory Committee

Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Loan Fund Committee

Marine Fish Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee

Sustainable Agricultural Development Fund Advisory Committee

Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund Advisory Committee

Marketing Advisory Board

Veterinary Surgeons Board

Dogs And Cats Classifications Board

Appeal Board Panel under the Rabies Ordinance (Cap.421)

Genetically Modified Organisms (Control of Release) Expert Group

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Last Review Date : 10 May 2018