Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department



Advisory / Statutory Boards & Committees

Appeal Board Panel under the Rabies Ordinance (Cap.421)

Membership List

(10 October 2016 - 9 October 2018)

Medical Members
  Dr. LIM Wei-ling, Wilina, S.B.S.
  Dr. TSANG Ngai-chong, B.B.S
  Dr. TSANG Tak-yin Owen
  Dr. WU Tak-chiu
Veterinary Members
  Dr. Richard Arthur Llewellyn BROWN
  Dr. Arthur Sidney LEE
  Dr. Jane Catherine McNAE
  Dr. Cornwell SHIU
  Dr. SHUM Wan-cheong, Lucy
  Dr. TANG Mei-kuen
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Last Review Date : 30 January 2018