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Dogs and Cats Classification Board


(Section 13 of the Dogs and Cats Ordinance, Chapter 167) (Appointed by the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation)

Function of the board
To determine any application made to the Board in respect of the breed and classification of dogs and cats under the Chapter 167 Dogs and Cats Ordinance.

Membership (from 1 June 2016 to 31 May 2018) (both dates inclusive):

  Prof. DUDGEON, David
  Dr. GRAY, Jane
  Mr. LAI Kiu-fung, Henry
  Dr. LEE, Arthur Sidney
  Mr. LEE Cheuk-wai, James
  Dr. LEE,Teresa Sy Jia
  Mr. Li Kwok Wai
  Dr. ROWLANDS, Dewi Kenneth
  Dr. WEST, Adam
  Mr. YUEN, King Hang Kevin
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