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Marketing of Accredited Vegetables

Accredited vegetables are marketed in the VMO. They are easily identified with special sales memos which can facilitate and promote the marketing of the produce. To increase the public awareness of the accredited produce, a Good Farmer image has been used since 1998 to publicize the accredited vegetables. Publicity is also made at the accredited retailers to ease its identification by the public. In addition, territory-wide promotion events and educational activities are held to promote and stimulate the market demand for accredited vegetables. Both the vegetable retailers and the consumers support the scheme and the daily throughput of accredited vegetables can be up to 65 metric tones.


loading of vegetable


VMO wholesale market


Accredited vegetables stall


"Good Farmer" logo

Vegetable farms accredited by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conversation Department (AFCD) for good horticultural practice and proper use of pesticides sell their produce through the VMO to designated vegetable stalls in wet markets under the registered brand name of "Good Farmer".

Accredited vegetables retail sites

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Last Review Date : 09 August 2017