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Process of Accreditation

Accredited farmers have to follow the guidelines in the Accredited Farmer's Handbook and other regulations of the scheme and allow inspections of their farms by this Department. The operation of the accredited farms are closely monitored with samples of vegetables, soil, irrigation water and pesticides taken for analysis of pesticide/heavy metal residues. New cultivation techniques and other technical support are also provided to accredited farms.

Pesticides check
Soil sampling

Vegetable preharvest sampling
Farm visit

Accredited vegetables should be marketed through VMO. VMO will sample the vegetables for pesticide residue analysis before they are sold in the accredited retailers assigned by the VMO. When production does not meet the required standard, accredited farmers should adhere to the department's instruction and stop marketing their vegetables through VMO. The department will suspend or lift the accredited status of the farmers who do not observe the above requirement.

Technical advice
Laboratory test


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Last Review Date : 19 July 2018