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Introduction of Controlled Environment Greenhouse

Introduction of Controlled-Environment Greenhouse (CE Greenhouse)

AFCD is now studying the development potentials of various types of Controlled-Environment Greenhouse.

[Polyethylene film greenhouse]

Polyethylene film greenhouse

[Polycarbonate sheet greenhouse] [Polycarbonate sheet greenhouse]
Polycarbonate sheet greenhouse

Merits of using CE greenhouse

  • [Crop production in CE greenhouse]

    Crop production in CE greenhouse

    Enclosed operation ; provide favourable conditions for plant growth
  • Protect plants from adverse weather, pests and diseases
  • Can be used for production all year round, thus improve the crop yield
  • Can be fully automated in irrigation, fertilization and spraying etc, thus increase in productivity

Application of CE greenhouse

CE greenhouse is suitable for production of high value premium vegetables and flowers such as sweet pepper, cherry tomato, white bitter cucumber, sweet melon, mini cucumber and lily cut flower. The use of CE greenhouse in organic cultivation is beneficial as the plants are more protected from pests, diseases and external pollution.

[Cherry Tomato production]

Cherry Tomato production

[Sweet Pepper production]

Sweet Pepper production

[Lily Cut Flower production]

Lily Cut Flower production

[White Bitter Cucumber production]

White Bitter Cucumber production

[Sweet Melon production]

Sweet Melon production

[Mini Cucumber production]

Mini Cucumber production

Structure and facilities of CE greenhouse

The framework of CE greenhouse is usually built with rust-proof iron bars and sealed with materials such as polyethylene film or polycarbonate sheet. A CE greenhouse is usually equipped with automatic environmental control system and irrigation system.

CE Greenhouse construction and cost estimation

To construct a greenhouse, applications should be made to the Lands Department other than getting the landlord's written consent.

The cost of a CE greenhouse depends on the size of the building, the quality grade of the building materials and also the facilities installed. A CE Greenhouse of 200 m2 equipped with a water wall, cooling fans and a drip irrigation system is estimated to be over HK$100,000.

Controlled Environment Greenhouse Technical Leaflet


1. Introduction to CE Greenhouses 2. The Structure and Facilities of a CE Greenhouse
  3. Investment on CE Greenhouses for Agricultural Production 4. Construction of a CE Greenhouse
  5. Crop Production 6. Pests and Diseases in Greenhouses
  7. Sanitation in CE Greenhouses 8. CE Greenhouse Maintenance
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