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Specialty vegetable crops

Cultivation of specialty vegetable is actively promoted to farmers for better economic return and to meet the need of consumers. Evaluations are conducted at Tai Lung Experimental Station to select quality vegetables including exotic types.



The following varieties have been recently promoted to local farmers:

[Cultivation of Vegetable Spaghetti (Chinese Version Only)]

Vegetable Spaghetti
(Chinese Version Only)

[Cultivation of Coloured Sweet Pepper (Chinese Version Only)]
Coloured Sweet Pepper
(Chinese Version Only)
[Cultivation of Zucchini (Chinese Version Only)]

(Chinese Version Only)

[Cultivation of White Eggplant (Chinese Version Only)]
White Eggplant
(Chinese Version Only)
[Cultivation of Orange Small Pumpkin (Chinese Version Only)]

Orange Small Pumpkin
(Chinese Version Only)

[Cultivation of White Bitter Cucumber (Chinese Version Only)]
White Bitter Cucumber
(Chinese Version Only)
[Cultivation of Garden Pea (Chinese Version Only)]

Garden Pea
(Chinese Version Only)

[Asparagus Lettuce]
Asparagus Lettuce
[Cultivation of Japanese Radish]

Japanese Radish

[Cultivation of Jade Chinese Kale]
Jade Chinese Kale
[Cultivation of Organic Strawberry ]

Organic Strawberry

[Cultivation of Golden Sweet Corn]
Golden Sweet Corn
[Cultivation of Broccoli]


[Cultivation of Sweet Melon]
Sweet Melon
[Cultivation of Organic Tomato]

Organic Watermelon

[Cultivation of Organic Watermelon]

Organic Chrysanthemum

[Cultivation of Organic Small Pumpkin]

Organic Small Pumpkin

[Cultivation of Little Cucumber, Chinese White Cabbage (Dark Leaf) & Leaf Beet]

Little Cucumber, Chinese White Cabbage (Dark Leaf) & Leaf Beet

[Cultivation of Organic Little Sweet Melons]

Organic Little Sweet Melons

[Cultivation of Organic Cabbage]

Organic Cabbage

[Cultivation of Chinese White Cabbage (Yellow Leaf), Flowering Chinese Cabbage (45 days) & Angular Silky Gourd]

Chinese White Cabbage (Yellow Leaf), Flowering Chinese Cabbage (45 days) & Angular Silky Gourd

[Cultivation of Organic Tomato]

Organic Tomato

[Culivation of Organic Sweet Pepper]

Organic Sweet Pepper

[Cultivation of Sweet Potato]

Sweet Potato

[Cultivation of Mini Wax Gourd, Yellow Cucumber & Green Bitter Cucumber]

Mini Wax Gourd, Yellow Cucumber & Green Bitter Cucumber

[Cultivation of Chinese Cabbage]

Chinese Cabbage

[Round Eggplant and Long-horn Pepper]

Round Eggplant & Long-horn Pepper






Green Pak Choy & Long Green Pepper




Milky Pak Choi



Cauliflower & Oak Leaf Lettuce


Broad-shoulder Bitter Gourd and

Hairy Gourd "Seven Stars"



Dragon Fruit

Mini Wax Gourd



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Last Review Date : 22 November 2018