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Growing Organic Strawberry
Cultivation Environment : Strawberry likes cool weather. Early October to mid-November is a good time for planting seedlings. The most suitable soil is deep and thick loam with rich organic matters, good drainage and pH value between 5.6~7.0.
Planting and Spacing :

Choose strong seedlings to plant in the field. A seedling should have a gross weight of 25~30g with a rhizome thicker than 1 cm and more than 5 green leaves.

Planting space should be about 20 cm X 25 cm and seedlings planted in double lines in triangular shape near both sides of the bed.

Application of Fertilizer and Management :
Basal dressing :

Apply 600~800 kg compost, 16 kg chitin and 70 kg bio-fertilizer to each d.c.

Use compost to prepare the planting bed first. Two days before planting the seedlings, mix chitin and bio-fertilizer evenly with the soil in the bed.

Top dressing :

After the seedlings resume growing, use drip tubes to apply suitably diluted liquid organic fertilizer once a week (N : P : K= 5 : 1 : 1).

When the seedlings are growing steadily, perform an intertilled weeding and remove withered and old leaves. Then spread bone meal at the middle of the bed (100 kg/d.c.) and do mulching with plastic film.

When the plants are growing luxuriantly (about six weeks after planting), apply bone meal (100 kg/d.c.) and organic fertilizer (N : P : K = 2 : 2 : 2, 100 kg/d.c.) again to the sides of the roots.

The cultivation of strawberry requires adequate sunshine, fertilizer and water. Old and abnormal leaves as well as weak fruits should be picked to facilitate growth.

(1 d.c.= 674 square metres or 7,260 square feet)

Harvesting : About 70 days after planting, pick strawberries which are 70~80% into red colour. Since strawberries are soft and easily damaged, care should be taken when picking. Avoid squeezing the fruits.

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