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The local freshwater turtles

  • Diversity

There are 5 species of freshwater turtles native to Hong Kong:

Scientific NameEnglish NameHabitats
Chinemys reevesii Reeves' Turtle Lowland reservoirs, ponds and marshes
Cuora trifasciata Chinese Three-lined Box Turtle Forested streams
Sacalia bealei Beale's Turtle Hillside streams
Pelodiscus sinensis Soft-shelled Turtle Reservoirs and ponds
Platysternon megacephalum Big-headed Terrapin Upland streams

Reeves' Turtle
[Chinese Three-lined Box Turtle]
Chinese Three-lined Box Turtle
[Soft-shelled Turtle]
Soft-shelled Turtle
[Big-headed Terrapin]
Big-headed Terrapin
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Last Review Date : 18 February 2017