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Wild Animal Calls

Wild Birds


Although Hong Kong is a highly urbanized place, we have a high diversity of wildlife, including 526 species of birds. Trees and wooded areas are natural roosting, foraging and breeding sites for wild birds. We could find various common bird species staying in parks, gardens and plantation near residential area, and in the country side.


Bird calling


Birds are more active in dawn and dusk in a day. They fly out from the roosting place to foraging sites at dawn and then back to the roosting site at dusk. Either flying in or out of the roosting sites, they communicate with each other by calling. In some cases, birds will hover above the roosting site before landing for security purposes, and during this situation, they will call to communicate with other members of the bird group. Nonetheless, wild birds are part of our nature and the calling occurred during their courtship period is also a natural phenomenon.

Breeding season

During courtship period, their calling would become more frequent and obvious than other seasons of the year. A few number of birds commonly seen in urban areas would have special calling during their courtship season. For instance, Cuckoos (Cuculidae) usually starts calling before dawn during the courtship period, it may cause certain nuisance to the nearby residents. However, such courtship period would only last for a short time (e.g. up to one to two months), and such special calling would significantly be decreased when the courtship period is over.

Things to do

 l   In general, closing the windows could effectively reduce the nuisance caused by the calling of wild birds.

 l   Feeding can encourage the gathering, roosting and nesting of wild birds, and should be avoided.

 l   Avoid disturbing their natural behavior or harm the birds

 Members of the public should observe good personal hygiene and avoid contact with wild birds and their droppings. They should wash their hands thoroughly after contact with wild birds and their droppings.

Asian Koel


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