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Cicada Songs

Cicada is a large-sized insect commonly found from tropical to temperate regions. In Hong Kong, pupas in soil emerge into adult in May every year and start the mating cycle. Male cicada has tymbal that can produce "calling songs" to attract female cicadas for mating. The sound of these songs will become loud when male cicadas aggregate, which is part of our nature.

Cicada Calling Songs

If you are living near woodlands, you may hear loud noise of cicada songs starting from May every year. The noise volume may increase for 3 to 4 weeks but will diminish after the first month. Generally, closing windows is an effective way to stop noise transmission. It may also be helpful if grass or bushes near your house are being cut short to reduce roosting site for cicadas. You should seek approval from land owner before the grass cutting work. Cicada is not attracted by light at night and is rarely found inside houses.

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Last Review Date : 19 November 2013