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Distribution & Abundance

Distribution & Abundance

Is there any seasonal distribution of the porpoises in Hong Kong waters?

Spring (from March to May)

  • peak season
  • significant numbers occurred in southern waters
[Distribution in Spring ]
Distribution in Spring

Summer (from June to August)

  • western areas of south Lantau and Lamma were vacated
  • Chinese White Dolphins move into areas
[Distribution in Summer]
Distribution in Summer

Autumn (from Sept. to Nov.)

  • abundance appears to reach a low point in autumn
  • probably resulting from offshore movement of animals south of the border
[Distribution in Autumn]
Distribution in Autumn

Winter (from Dec. To Feb.)

  • move into the western waters of South Lantau and Lamma, as hump-backed dolphin sightings become more rare in these waters at this time
[Distribution in Winter]
Distribution in Winter
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Last Review Date : 09 August 2013