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Distribution & Abundance

Distribution & Abundance

Where do finless porpoises live?

  • [Global Distribution]
    Global Distribution
    Generally in warm, coastal Indo-Pacific waters, both fresh and marine.

  • Indo-Pacific finless porpoise found in Hong Kong waters is characterized by a wide area of tubercules on its dorsal surface. It ranges from the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea.    This wide form of finless porpoise is morphologically different from the narrow-ridged finless porpoises found in Yangtze River and those found in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea, Bohai and the waters of Korea and Japan. 


  • Abundance of Indo-Pacific finless porpoises in Hong Kong waters ranges from the low season estimate of 55 porpoises in autumn to the peak season estimate of over 150 porpoises in spring.   They usually move into and out of  Hong Kong waters seasonally.  Including Hong Kong's neighbouring waters, the minimum population size is estimated to be over 200.









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