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Is there any study about Indo-Pacific finless porpoises in Hong Kong?

In July 1998, the Department commissioned Dr. Thomas A. Jefferson to conduct a study on the conservation biology of the finless porpoise in Hong Kong. The study was completed in January of 2001.(Executive Summary)

The objective of the project was to obtain detailed biological information on the Indo-Pacific finless porpoises that occur in Hong Kong waters, so that long-term conservation plan can be devised. Research tasks cover:

  • [Finless Porpoise]
    Distribution & Habitat Use

  • Abundance & Population Trends

  • Life History

  • Social Organisation & Behaviour

  • Acoustic Behaviour

  • Population/Stock Structure

  • Mortality Rate & Causes

Most of the information contained in this homepage is the preliminary findings of the Indo-Pacific finless porpoise study.

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