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Conservation Status

Conservation Status

What can I do to protect the horseshoe crab?

In addition to your support to reduce pollution and to protect our environment, you can help preserve our horseshoe crabs by not eating and buying them. During the breeding seasons, mature female horseshoe crabs are sold in many seafood restaurants for their eggs. However, eating the eggs means killing thousands of horseshoe crab babies and "murdering" a life of more than 10 years old.

Horseshoe crabs have successfully survived for millions of years. Their future depends on how much you understand and appreciate their importance to our environment and to us.

[Horseshoe crab embryos (Taiwan Academia Sinia, Institute of Zoology)]
Horseshoe crabs in the tank of
a seafood restaurant for sale
[Eggs of horseshoe crabs (the yellowish green spheres) (Taiwan Academia Sinia, Institute of Zoology)]
A dish of horseshoe crab meat
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