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Benthic Organisms

What are Benthic Organisms?

Benthos are....
Benthos are animals and/or plants that live at/on/in the substrates/sediment of a water body. The water body includes lake, river, sea and so on.


Benthos defined by Classification

Zoobenthos Benthic animals
Phytobenthos Benthic plants


Benthos defined by Habitats

Epifaunal Benthos Live on surface of substrate
Infaunal Benthos Live in the substrate


Benthos defined by Size

Macrobenthos Size > 0. 5 mm in length
Meiobenthos Size < 0. 5 mm and > 0.062 mm in length
Microbenthos Size < 0.062 mm in length



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Last Review Date : 09 February 2018