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Characteristic and Seasonal Change

Will the seasonal changes affect the spatial pattern of Marine Benthic Organisms?

Results of both summer and winter surveys showed minimal seasonal changes in sediment characteristics at the stations.

Of the 603 species recorded, 287 species were present in both summer and winter surveys, illustrating seasonal variations for certain infaunal species.

However, in terms of overall spatial pattern, seasonal variations were not evident, except in Deep Bay and Tai Long Wan (Sai Kung).

The major factor contributing to the seasonal changes in benthic infauna in Deep Bay is the freshwater discharge from Shenzhen River as well as freshwater outflow from the Pearl River delta especially in the summer.

One of the likely reasons for the observed differences in faunal composition between surveys in Tai Long Wan is different oceanic currents passing through this area during summer and winter.

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Last Review Date : 09 February 2018