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Do you know the spatial Marine Benthic Community pattern in Hong Kong?

Results of both summer and winter surveys showed minimal seasonal changes in sediment characteristics at the stations. In terms of benthic infauna, a lower species diversity and evenness were found in Deep Bay, inner Mirs Bay and Victoria, as compared to eastern and southern waters, e.g., Mirs Bay and south Lamma Island. These indices thus reflect the response of benthic communities to prevailing hydrographic conditions. The findings were further confirmed by the spatial community pattern, which identified:


(a) A large benthic assemblage comprising the bulk of sampling stations and representing typical Hong Kong relatively undisturbed infauna
(b) An impoverished benthic community in northeastern waters
(c) A coarser sediment benthic group in Victoria Harbour
(d) A distinct benthic assemblage in Deep Bay on the west



Spatial pattern of station groups from the summer and winter survey
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Last Review Date : 09 February 2018