Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department




Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is responsible for conserving local flora, fauna and natural habitats through offering conservation advice on environmental impact assessment, development proposals and planning strategies, enforcing the Forests and Countryside Ordinance, and identifying sites of conservation importance. These include:

  • Reviewing environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies
  • Enforcement of Environmental Permit (issued under EIA ordinance) conditions
  • Compliance monitoring, impact monitoring and effectiveness monitoring related to ecological assessment
  • Maintenance of ecological mitigation measures of capital works projects, and management of government woodlands on reinstated landfills, borrow areas and eroded hill slopes
  • Commenting on planning applications, development plans (e.g. layout plans, OZP), site formation plans, lands matters and development proposals in respect of nature conservation
  • Commenting on strategic planning and transport studies
  • Vetting tree felling applications related to developments
  • Enforcement of the Forests and Countryside Ordinance Cap. 96 against illegal tree felling on government land
  • Identification, review and monitoring of sites of conservation importance (including Sites of Special Scientific Interest [SSSIs])

Some examples of Ecological Mitigation Measures

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Last Review Date : 14 September 2018