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Consultancy Study on Wetland Compensation

  • Hong Kong is obligated under the Ramsar Convention to promote conservation of the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site and wise use of wetlands within the territory. The government's policy on wetland conservation aims at preventing the loss of important wetland resources and compensating, as far as practicable, the wetlands that are of conservation values but lost to essential development projects.

  • Under the current Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, major projects that had the potential to cause adverse environmental impacts were subject to ecological impact assessment as part of the EIA study. In order to achieve an effective assessment of the cumulative impacts on wetlands and their importance for conservation, AFCD commissioned Black & Veatch Hong Kong Ltd. in November 1998 to carry out a consultancy study with the following main objectives:

    • To study the overall impact of development on wetland resources and identify practicable means of mitigation including compensation for the impact on wetlands, particular in Ramsar Site and its surroundings and
    • To recommend a strategy on wetland compensation for loss of wetlands to developments, thereby ensuring that impacts to ecological resources in important wetland areas, particularly in north & northwest New Territories areas, can be avoided.

Summary of the Results of Study on Wetland Compensation

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