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Consultancy Study on Wetland Compensation

Summary of the Results of Study on Wetland Compensation

  • A wetland inventory on type, area, zoning and general land status of wetlands in Hong Kong are compiled in a GIS format database.
  • Ecologically important wetland sites have been identified with recommendations on the priorities and measures for the protection of these sites.
  • The Study identified that the existing institutional mechanisms of the EIAO, TPO and CPO are applicable to control further wetland decline. Also, the existing general policy and sequence for mitigating / compensating impact on important habitats and wildlife are to be strictly adhered.
  • A "Potential Mitigation Area" (PMA) approach is recommended for consideration as option for planning off-site mitigation / compensation if on-site mitigation is exhausted.
  • Guidelines are proposed on the approaches to wetland mitigation / compensation and the implementation of wetland compensation / mitigation management plan to facilitate project proponents for the planning and implementation of wetland mitigation / compensation options and
  • Recommendation of further field trials for strengthening the knowledge base on wetland mitigation / compensation or enhancement of the wetland system is provided.
  • The Study was completed in September 2005 and the Executive Summary of the Study is provided in PDF format.

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