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Land use and water quality control

To conserve and protect the flora, fauna and their habitats which are of special scientific interest, five Sites of Special Scientific Interests are designated inside the Ramsar site. The land area around Deep Bay including the Ramsar Site is covered by statutory land use plans and development is controlled by the Town Planning Ordinance. All development proposals must be made to the Town Planning Board for consideration in accordance with the Ordinance. To protect the ecological integrity of the Ramsar site from incompatible development, the Board has designated a Wetland Conservation Area (WCA) and a Wetland Buffer Area (WBA) for the Deep Bay area and provided guidelines to guide and control developments within the area.

The WCA basically covers the landward part of the Ramsar site. The Guidelines stipulate that new development within WCA should not be allowed unless it is required to support the conservation of the area's natural features and scenic qualities. New development within WBA would not be considered unless the applicant demonstrates that the proposed development would have insignificant impact on the environment, ecology, drainage, sewerage and traffic in the area including the Ramsar site.

For more information about the statutory land use and planning guidelines in the Deep Bay Region, please visit the website of the Town Planning Board:

The Inner Deep Bay has been declared Water Quality Control Zone with water quality objectives defined in 1991 by the Environmental Protection Department. Moreover, the full implementation of statutory controls on livestock waste has eventually resulted in significant reduction of organic pollution entering Deep Bay.

Website of Environmental Protection Department:

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