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Value of Mangroves

[Mai Po Gei Wai]
[Mai Po Gei Wai]
Mai Po Gei Wai
  • Provide diverse habitats, breeding sites and feeding grounds for a large variety of coastal species.

  • Protection of shorelines from erosion due to currents, waves, wind and rain.

  • Supply food and feed for fisheries and aqua-culture e.g. Gei wai in Mai Po.

  • Fallen leaves of mangroves are important food for shrimps, crabs and fishes. The leaves also serve vital links in the wetland food web.

  • Sources of food - Leaves and fruits of Avicennia marina can be used for honey and fodder production.

  • Maintain the stability and ecological balance of coastal and marine ecosystems.
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Last Review Date : 29 July 2015