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Biological Interest

  • [Zostera japonica]
    Zostera japonica

    [Ruppia maritima]
    Ruppia maritima
    Seagrass is the only flowering plant surviving when wholly submerged in coastal marine and estuarine waters.

  • It possesses erect leaves and shoots but creeping stems or rhizomes. Its flowers are pollinated under water and develop into fruits and seeds.

  • There are four seagrass species in Hong Kong. They are Halophila beccarii, Halophila ovalis, Ruppia maritima and Zostera japonica.

  • It was found that the life cycle of Zostera japonica showed a distinct seasonality. Both abiotic and biotic factors were also found to influence the growth of the seagrass species.

  • Seagrass is important to coastal/marine ecosystem. It helps to stabilize the coastlines and sediments, and serve as shelters, feeding grounds and food sources for a variety of animals such as fishes, crabs, gastropods, horseshoe crabs and turtles.

[Halophila beccarii]

Halophila beccarii

[Halophila ovalis]
Halophila ovalis
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Last Review Date : 06 July 2015