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  • [Seagrass bed at San Tau]
    Seagrass bed at San Tau
    Occur mostly in shallow, sheltered soft-bottom marine coastlines and estuaries of the world.
  • Uncommon/rare in Hong Kong.
  • Among the four seagrass species in Hong Kong, Halophila ovalis is the most widely distributed one which could be found in various areas of both the eastern and western territories while Ruppia maritima is the most locally rare species.
  • Examples of seagrass sites: Ham Tin, Lai Chi Wo, San Tau, Sheung Pak Nai, Sheung Sze Wan, To Kwa Peng, Yam O.


Distribution of Seagrass in Hong Kong [data collected from 2002 to 2014]



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Last Review Date : 06 July 2015