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Involvement of Non-Governmental Organizations in 2017/18


Participation of non-governmental organization (NGOs) would be important for our plantation enrichment work and further promoting the benefits of PEP on increasing the biodiversity and ecological value of plantations in country parks. NGOs with the following criteria are welcome to participate in the project:

  • must be a locally registered non-profit making organization;
  • have rich experience and good track records in organizing large-scale public tree planting and tree tending activities in country parks;
  • possess professional knowledge, and are actively involved in woodland habitat management and local ecological conservation work; and
  • are willing to commit at least 5 years for each selected PEP site.

Details of the project arrangement are summarized in the following table:

Arrangement Details Schedule
Invitation and Site Selection
  • Suitable PEP sites in country parks will be selected and announced at AFCD’s website.
  • The NGOs that have indicated their interest to take up the project will be invited for site selection.
Submission of Proposal
  • The participating NGOs are required to prepare a 5-year implementation plan and submit the proposal to the AFCD for consideration.
  • The NGOs should seek their own resources (e.g. through fund raising or sponsorship from corporations) to support the project.
End of October*
Implementation of Enrichment Work and Reporting
  • The NGOs will be informed of the results of the application.
End of November*
  • Upon receiving the approval from the AFCD, the NGOs will be responsible for the project in each selected PEP site for 5 years, and they are required to submit annual reports.
  • The NGOs are welcome to organize publicity programmes for the enrichment work.
  • After completion of the first 5-year enrichment work, the NGOs are required to submit a final report. The NGOs could consider continuing the project at the same site for another 5-year cycle or hand over the plantations to the AFCD for further maintenance.
During inplementation period

*: annual arrangement for new PEP sites

With the involvement of the Government, the NGOs and the public in the PEP, it is believed that it will provide a good opportunity to promote the public awareness about the benefits and values of biodiversity across all sectors of the society.

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