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Hau Tong Kai Campsite

Hau Tong Kai Campsite
Location: Hau Tong Kai, Sai Kung West Country Park (Hoi Ha Road)
Tent space: 6
Accessibility: Easy; for beginners
Introduction: Hoi Ha's Hau Tong Kai campsite is conveniently situated along the side of Hoi Ha Road. With its flat terrain, a huge barbeque area dominates the campsite. Densely packed trees are planted are found around the site with a picturesque wooden bridge arching over running river. A harmonious ambience, this campsite lures big crowds during holidays.
Facilities: pavilions, barbeques, benches and tables
Hygienic facilities: flushing toilets with sinks
Source of water: tap
Highlights: Pak Sha O Youth Hostel - It was converted from an abandoned village school and open in September, 1975. The Hong Kong Institute of Architecture has awarded the hostel design in 1986.
How to get there: Take Minibus 7 from Sai Kung to Hoi Ha and drop off at Hau Tong Kai along Hoi Ha Road.


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