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The fishing industry makes an important contribution to Hong Kong in maintaining a steady supply of fresh marine fish to local consumers. In 2017, it produced an estimated 127,554 tonnes of fisheries produce valued at about $2, 600 million. The industry now consists of some 5, 150 fishing vessels and some 10, 600 local fishermen working aboard and provides employment in ancillary sectors servicing the fishing industry, such as fish wholesale and retail marketing, fuel and fishing gear supply and ice manufacturing.

Fishing activities are mainly conducted in the waters of the adjacent continental shelf in the South China Sea. The majority of the fishing vessels are manned by family members with the assistance of hired crew. Main fishing methods include trawling, long-lining, gill-netting and purse-seining with the majority of the total catch obtained through trawling.

Port Survey 2006



In 2006, the department carried out a comprehensive Port Survey to collect updated data on the fisheries production and fishing operations in Hong Kong waters for the year 2005. Through the survey, useful information for the formulation and implementation of effective fisheries management strategies and assessment of potential environmental impact of marine development projects on fisheries can be obtained.


The Port Survey consisted of an interview programme. About 36% of the local fishing fleet which accounted for all homeports (i.e. places at which local fishing vessels are based) and vessel types was interviewed. During the interviews, particulars (e.g. vessel length, type and its homeport) of the fishing vessels were recorded and information about their fishing operations and fisheries production in Hong Kong waters were collected.

Location of homeports in Hong Kong

Number of interviews by Homeport

Number of interviews by vessel type


Distribution of fishing operations

Major species of fish catch (adult fish &fish fry)

Distribution of fisheries production in terms of weight (adult fish)

Distribution of fisheries production (fish fry)

Distribution of fisheries production in terms of value (adult fish & fish fry)

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