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Marine Fish Wholesale Marketing

Fish Marketing Organization

To ensure orderly marketing of fresh marine fish, the department undertakes enforcement actions against illegal marketing of marine fish and administers the Fish Marketing Organization (FMO) which is a statutory body established under the Marine Fish (Marketing) Ordinance, Cap 291 to provide wholesale marketing services through operation of seven wholesale fish markets.

Marine Fish (Marketing) Ordinance

Under the Marine Fish (Marketing) Ordinance, all fresh marine fish (except live fish) are required to be landed and sold wholesale at the wholesale fish markets operated by the Fish Marketing Organization. It is also stipulated that except with a permit issued by the Director of Marketing (whose office is presently held by the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation), no fresh marine fish shall be transported on land or in the waters of Hong Kong in quantities in excess of 60 kg. Any person who contravenes the regulations commits an offence and is liable to a maximum fine of $10,000 and to imprisonment for 6 months.

Promotion of Local Fisheries Products

To help promote local fisheries products, the FMO has set up a fish processing centre to develop quality fisheries products such as dried seafood and fish fillet and has established a local brand name for marketing these quality products. Apart from the fisheries produce caught by local fishing industry, the FMO also helps promote those produced from the fish farms registered under the "Accredited Fish Farm Scheme".

Fish Processing Centre
Marketing of Local Brand Name

Moreover, the FMO promotes the local fisheries products through participation in promotional activities and develops the marketing network locally and in Mainland.

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Wholesale of Marine Fish

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Last Review Date : 21 July 2017