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Country & Marine Parks

Permits Required inside Country Parks & Special Areas  

Permit for the following activities is required
if carried out inside Country Parks and Special Areas


1. To sell or let on hire any commodity or article.
$1,330 per month
2. To display any sign, notice, poster, banner or advertisement.
$250 per month
3. To construct or erect any building, hut or shelter or excavate any cave
$317 for each building
4. To hold any public meeting or sporting competition, make any public speech or address any public meeting.
$520 for each event
5. To hold any event organized for the purpose of raising funds, whether for charity or otherwise.
$520 for each event
6. To carry on any activity for the purpose of, or incidental to, any business (e.g. To carry out location filming)
$250 per day
7. To bring vehicles into Country Parks or Special Areas
8. To cut, pick or uproot any plant or part thereof, to dig, cultivate or disturb the soil or to sow or plant any seeds or plants.

( Permits Application for Marine Parks )

Application Procedures of Country Parks Permit

  1. Applicant should read the following guidlines & frequently asked questions
    1. Guidelines for holding organized activities [Word]

      The applicant should submit a Green Management Plan together with the application form for the proposed organized event by making reference to the Waste Reduction Guidebook published by the Environmental Protection Department which is available at the link below:

    2. Guidelines for commercial location filming [Word]
    3. Guidelines on permit to take vehicle into Country Parks or Special Areas [Word]
    4. Frequently asked questions [Word]

  2. Please complete the application form and send it to (except application for coach permit for Pak Tam Chung Barrier Gate, details please refer to concerned application form):

    Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
    6/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices
    303, Cheung Sha Wan Road,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong.

    1. For organized activities : Application Form [Word]
    2. For commercial location filming : Application Form [Word]
    3. For vehicle into Country Parks or Special Areas (except Pak Tam Chung Barrier) : Application Form [Word]
    4. For vehicle into Sai Kung East and Sai Kung West Country Parks (Pak Tam Chung Barrier) : Application Form [Word] (small vehicle & lorry) and
       Application Form [Word] (coach 16 seats and above)
    5. Other Permits: Application Form [Word]

  3. For enquires. Please call Country Parks Division at 2150 6868 during office hours. From 1st July 2006, office hours is

 Monday - Friday : 8 : 45am - 12 : 30pm & 1 : 30pm - 5 : 30pm. 
 Saturday, Sunday & public holiday : close


Performance Pledge

The applicant will be informed of the result of the application within 3 working days on condition that all necessary information is submitted.

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