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Dairy Licence

  • Any person who wishes to maintain a dairy for the purpose of. trade in milk is required to be registered as a dairyman AND have a Dairy Licence issued by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

  • A Dairy includes any farm, cowshed, milk store or other place from which milk is supplied on or for sale or in which milk is kept or used for purposes of sale or manufacture into milk products but does not include a shop from which milk is supplied only in the properly closed and unopened receptacles in which it was delivered to the shop.

  • A Dairyman includes any keeper of cows or buffaloes for the purpose of. trade in milk, and any occupier of a dairy, and in cases where a dairy is owned by a corporation or company includes the secretary or other person actually managing such dairy


  • A licence must be obtained before business commences

  • To apply for a licence, the application should be made on a prescribed form [Chinese Version only] (PDF Format) and submitted to Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

  • Every application shall be accompanied by two copies of the plan of the dairy and particulars of the method for the disposal of effluent from such premises. The applicant should provide adequate information of his personal particulars in the application form.

  • The applicant should have suitable premises and facilities for the holding, caring and milking of cattle.

  • An officer of this department will visit the premises and make a preliminary assessment of the suitability of the premises for the type of licence to be applied for.

  • The applicant will be advised of the requirements for bringing the premises up to the requisite standard. He will be further advised of the requirements in writing.

  • When the requirements are fully met with, and the premises and facilities thereof are considered up to the licensable standard, the applicant will be required to pay the prescribed fee and to subsequently collect the licence

  • In the process of the licence/permit application, AFCD and/or the applicant may need to seek the advice/comments from other government departments and related organizations, e.g. Lands Department, Environmental Protection Department and Town Planning Board Secretariat.

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