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Export of Animals & Products of Animal Origin


In order to assist local exporters in meeting veterinary health requirements of importing countries/places, this Department provides services to facilitate the export of animals and products of animal origin. Such services include:

Since different countries/places impose different restrictions on the importation of animals and products of animal origin, applicants are strongly advised to first obtain details of the requirements from both the government authority of the country/place of destination and from the airline or shipping company that will carry them. Please note that this Department may not always be able to certify all of the required details.

Note: If the animal species and their parts or derivatives to be exported are controlled under the Protection of Endangered Species of  Animals and Plants Ordinance, Cap. 586, the exporter must also apply appropriate CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) export permit from this Department.


Australia's new Import Requirements for dogs/cats being shipped from Hong Kong to Australia

With effect from 3 February 2014, the Australia government authority (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) has imposed new import requirements for dogs/cats coming from Hong Kong.

At the 1st stage, please tell your private  vet who did the blood sampling to sign and stamp on the Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test (RNATT) Report. After that, please bring along the rabies vaccination record and the RNATT Report etc. to our office for endorsement. (The endorsement takes 1 working day to process).

After you have granted the Australia's import permit, and the dog/cat has gone through the required parasite treatments and a series of blood sampling(s) in accordance with the Australia's import requirements, please bring your dog/cat to the private animal clinic for examination and completion of the following prescribed Animal Health Certificate within 5 days prior to export :

Prescribed Animal Health Certificate for dog being shipped to Australia

Prescribed Animal Health Certificate for cat being shipped to Australia

Please tell your vet to sign and stamp on each Blood Test Report to acknowledge the test result. After that, please bring along the captioned Animal Health Certificate, Blood Test Report(s), Vaccination Record(s) etc. to our office within 5 days prior to export, so that we can base on your vet's attestation and endorse the Animal Health Certiificate correspondingly. (The endorsement takes 1 working day to process).

Please remind your vet to do the parasite treatments and the blood sampling(s)  within the time frame in accordance with the Australia's import requirements. Your vet has to check carefully and understand the Australia's import requirements before signing the captioned Animal Health Certificate. For more import information, please visit


EC entry easier for Hong Kong dogs and cats

With effect from 1 January 2012, the European Community (EC) has imposed import requirements for dogs and cats coming from Hong Kong. Owners of dogs and cats will find easier to take their pets to EC member states. These requirements include:

  1. The animal is identified by a microchip;

  2. The animal is accompanied by a health documentation (must be in EU format) which requires official endorsement from AFCD;

  3. The animal has a valid anti-rabies vaccination status (at least 21 days have elapsed since the completion of the primary vaccination against rabies); and/or

  4. The animal has been examined by an approved veterinary surgeon before travelling and found to be in good heath and able to withstand travel to the planned destination.

The certification which certifies the animals have met the above requirements is valid for 10 days in the EC. Some countries/places, including Finland, Malta, Ireland and the United Kingdom, have additional requirement.

  • The dogs have been treated against tapeworm within a period of not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours before arrival.

If the animals transit through a country/place which has not been approved by the EC, a rabies antibody test is required, or the import will be subject to the decision of EC. Different conditions will apply for other pets. Owners are advised to check the import requirements through the website of the animal health authorities of the destination countries/places for the latest information before planning their trip.

For detail information, you can visit the following website:

European Community Official Website:

British Official Website :



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